Corporate Social Responsibility, typically it's something that organization do to make more brand awareness. It's good in a way but most of them are not well planed to make ripple effect in the global eco system and to make it balance.

Everything we do there should be an amazing ripple effect which needs to create by the change agents who is ready to make positive and great impact toward the eco-system where they live.

We at Kisaki believes that there are multiple core fundamentals which needs to be address to make great changes. We got influenced by some facts of United Nations, World Health Organization, AIESEC, World Youth Alliance and many more organizations. We took them all in and started building a prime concept to make ripple effects where we can make the world a better place. 

We will bring it to you very soon with a action chunked into quarters in each year. With the bottom of our heart, we really need to make a change to make the planet earth more sustainable than ever before.