Nissan's Zero Emission Ice Cream Van


Nissan EV Ice Cream Van e-NV200.

Nissan, One of the world's leading automaker based in Japan and one of the largest electrified vehicle manufacturer and seller in the world unveiled another fully electric concept model which is an ice cream van which emits zero carbon to the atmosphere.

Nissan unveiled the product in the UK for Clean Air Day. The newest concept model is tagged as the e-NV200. Nissan partnered with a local daily producer to showcase a real-life example of how to implement ice cream van with high consumption of electricity for the freezer inside the van.

New e-NV200 is categorized under the light commercial vehicle or LCV category. This model is embedded with rooftop solar panels to charge the battery inside and to the power up the freezers inside the van. Nissan is on the move to be a part of the EV ecosystem around the world.

Source - Nissan