NASA Tests Green Fuel for Space Transportation


NASA Defense Satelite with Green Propellant Fuel.

There are a wide range of satellites and other types of space vehicles in the space and that number of active satellites and the satellites which have been planned to send to space is a large number compared to any historical data. 

Satellites and other space vehicles perform a wide range of movements to correct their orbit track which they are supposed to be gone. To do movements as such, space vehicles and satellites do require to propellant fuel to combust and to support combustion which allows the satellite or the space vehicle to make movements.

Currently, almost all the space crafts and satellites use hydrazine which is a propellant fuel used in satellites to propel the satellites. Currently used hydrazines are extremely toxic and hard to handle when storing for mission-critical operations. NASA under the Green Propellant Infusion Mission also known as GPIM tested a non-toxic alternative propellant fuel. The less toxic propellant fuel to hydrazine was developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory.

NASA wants to put the test into a live experiment with the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket which will be launched from the NASA's Kennedy Space Center for Defense Space Test Program-2 mission.

Source - NASA