NVIDIA Helps Cancer Pathology Research Using GPU Based Supercomputers


NVIDIA, the world's leading GPU Manufacture and the company which is focused on developing GPU based Supercomputers. NVIDIA also is one of the world's leading AI platform developer for GPU based supercomputers. Apart from NVIDIA, there are a large number of startups and established tech companies which are driving their researches, projects, computing by using NVIDIA GPU based supercomputers.

With the help of NVIDIA GPU based supercomputers, Paige.AI is trying to find a solution for a disease which kills 600,000 people in a year in the USA alone. Across the world, its much than that.

To find a cure, there is a greater challenge which is faced by the researches and the doctors to find cures. Cancers are always getting evolved and getting advanced day by day each and every time compared with any other diseases in the world currently which are also categorized as deadly for living beings.

To analyze such a massive data sets which can be captured takes a lot of processing and energy to generate an outcome. And time is crucial for all the research which will be carried out by researches. In the traditional research methods and capabilities, interpret dozens of slides per cancer case, searching for clues pointing to a cancer diagnosis but taking an example of breast cancer, there could be more than 60 slides for a single breast cancer case.

With the use of NVIDIA GPU based supercomputers, Page.AI will be able to speed up research and find more ways what can cause cancer and what type of cancer it is by analyzing with the data from historical analysis. Page.AI will be using NVIDIA DGX-1 unit to power up the research.

Source - NVIDIA