Fighter Jet Imaging Technology to Use to Reduce Emissions


Image of Lockheed Martin and BP PLC Engineers using IR Camera System in Offshore. Image by Lockheed Martin

Fighter jets are embedded with the world's best imaging technologies which are pricier than most of the solutions in the ground level which are used by civilian applications. And emission is one of the greater challenges the world is facing currently and the world's big organizations also working towards to achieve the lowest possible emission standards.

For the first time in the defense technology industry, Lockheed Martin which is one of the US's leading defense and technology manufacture planning to offer a military-grade solution to BP Plc Group to monitor and manage methane emissions at oil and gas production facilities from Alaska to Angola.

BP Plc group plans to implement the solution from Lockheed Martin with the requirements from the US Environmental Protection Agency. In addition, Lockheed Martin solution will help BP Plc group to monitor flare stacks of the Oil and Gas Rigs so BP PLC could take inputs to form the IR based imaging system to reduce or to control emissions and adhere to the emission standards.

Source - Lockheed Martin