Why Samsung Sent out Galaxy Fold Devices to Bunch of Youtubers? - What Samsung Required from Them


Samsung has sent many Galaxy Fold devices to Youtubers all around the world who does have a large subscriber base on Youtube. And this is not something unique for Samsung because of Samsung sents out new devices in previous years also. But there's something unique and special about this initiative by Samsung.

What is Galaxy Fold?

Galaxy Fold is a foldable smartphone/ tablet PC like a device which has been manufactured and yet to out to global markets by 26th April 2019. Galaxy Fold device is it's first in kind which users are yet to experiencing in the near future.

What's new about Galaxy Fold?

Galaxy Fold is a new device into the world and not much people interacted with a flipping or foldable smartphone anywhere in the last recent years. Smartphones and cellular devices have become much thinner and less in weight for the last recent years. Galaxy Fold weights 88g more than the Samsung's latest Galaxy S10+.

What Samsung knows about Galaxy Fold?

Samsung knows that a product like the Galaxy Fold is new to the market and new to the community. Samsung knows that the price tag of the Galaxy Fold is on a premium price tag. Samsung knows that the Galaxy Fold is bulky and weighing more than a typical phone which is available in the market currently. Samsung knows that the Galaxy Fold is a big bet that they have put on the short term. But as always Samsung wants to try new and introduce new to global markets.

What Samsung wants from Youtubers?

Samsung wants two major things from Youtubers. Number one is, Samsung wants to ignite community about the new Galaxy Fold and wants to make people talk about the device more and more. Basically to market a product a bit by creating new content and articles about the product.

Number two is Samsung wants to know what people think about the new Galaxy Fold device and to let the general public about what Youtubers thinks about the All-new Galaxy Fold. At least Youtubers will create three major contents which could give Samsung a huge hype up about the product to the general public and Samsung took the best advantage on the spot.