What is Stratolaunch Systems? - Explained


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1. What is Stratolaunch Systems?

Stratolaunch Systems is an American firm which was primarily focused on developing Space Transportation. The initial working prototype of the Stratolaunch Systems was designed and developed with the intention to make Space Transportation more affordable and cost effective.

The Stratolaunch Systems was designed with three major parts which is the carrier aircraft, multi stage payload and mating and integration system. All three components works together to make the final product a success and make it the Stratolaunch Systems.

2. History

Stratolaunch Systems was initiated as a project of Vulcan Inc by Paul Allen who was a Co-Founder of Microsoft. With the time the project got fully separated from the company and established as a separate entity as Stratolaunch Systems Corporation in 2011.

Stratolaunch Systems Corporation operates as a privately owned entity of Vulcan Inc and currently headquartered in Seattle, Washington.