What is KFC? - Explained


KFC Logo

1. What is KFC?

KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken. The name basically says about the company and the products of the company. Kentucky is the area which was the company initially founded and the fried chicken is the product that KFC does manufacture.

KFC is extremely popular for the crispy fried chicken which is juicy in the inside. Fried chicken is the key to the success in the global markets. KFC is currently established in 22,621 as of 2015 locations by the franchising method.

2. History

KFC was founded in 20th March 1930 by Harland Sanders and the initial name was Sanders Court & Cafe. After the success of the initial restaurant, Sanders opened the first franchise in 24th September 1952. Later the KFC was acquired by Yum! Brands and currently operates as a subsidiary of Yum! Brands.