What is Air New Zealand? - Explained


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1. What is Air New Zealand?

Air New Zealand is the New Zealand's flag carrier which operates flights to 20 domestic destinations and 31 international destinations in 19 countries. Air New Zealand majorly serves countries in the Pacific and Australian Region including United Kingdom, United States of America and etc...

Air New Zealand operates by based on the hubs in Auckland Airport, Christchurch International Airport and Wellington International Airport in New Zealand. Air New Zealand operates by a fleet of aircraft which consists of Airbus and Boeing and Air New Zealand is member of the Star Alliance alliance program which brings airliner and the passengers benefits.

2. History

The initial name of the Air New Zealand was TEAL which stands for Tasman Empire Airways Limited. TEAL was founded in 1940. Later the company was acquired by 50% stake of each by the Australian and the New Zealand governments and later with the time, New Zealand government had acquired the 50% stake from the Australian government.

Air New Zealand is currently traded publicly on the New Zealand stock exchange and New Zealand government holds 53% share stake of the Air New Zealand currently. Air New Zealand is headquartered in the Wynyard Quarter, Auckland City, New Zealand.