What is Yamaha? - Japanese Bike, Automobile and Music Instrument Manufacture


Yamaha Logo

1. What is Yamaha?

Yamaha is a Japanese corporation with multiple sub divisions in the organization. Yamaha is one of the diversified company in Japan which does have diversified businesses inside one organization.

Yamaha does manufacture musical instruments, sound equipment, internal combustion engines parts, electronic equipment, marine sports vehicles, marine engines and motorcycles majorly.

Yamaha's motorcycles are extremely popular for their high performance and handling capabilities. Yamaha Motorcycles and marine sport vehicles have won many championships in the world in last recent years.

2. History

Initially Yamaha was founded as Nippon Gakki Corporation Limited in 12th October 1887. The initial product which was manufactured by the Nippon Gakki Corporation was piano and reed organ. Yamaha logo is made up with the tuning forks as they were into the musical instrument manufacturing business.

After the world war 2, with the demand for passenger transport and individual transport, Yamaha started developing motorcycles. Yamaha is publicly traded on Tokyo Stock Exchange currently and headquartered in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan.