What is Volvo? - Swedish Auto Maker


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1. What is Volvo?

Volvo is a multinational auto maker and heavy equipment manufacture based in Sweden and cater global markets in wide range of product line in the automobile industry and heavy equipment sectors.

The commercial level automobile vehicle lineup of Volvo are the most advanced commercial vehicles which are available in the market currently. Volvo manufactures semi truck to wide range commercially usable vehicles to use in wide range of industries and logistics sectors.

2. History

Volvo was founded by Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larson in 1927. Brand name was initially registered as a trademark on May 1911 with the intention to used on new series of SKF ball bearings. But the initial name of SKF ball bearings were used instead of adopting the brand name Volvo.

To make the business far beyond from the ball bearing business, the founders initiated design and developing a car which is made in Sweden. Volvo made 280 of it's first production cars in the first year. Volvo nailed the European market by introducing Volvo's first truck which was named as Series 1. The Series 1 truck was the outreach for Volvo outside Sweden to grab attention from the European markets.

With the ups and down of Volvo, Volvo acquired multiple companies to gain the business power in the market and Volvo kept focusing on the heavy vehicles by selling their car manufacturing division and heavy equipment manufacturing divisions lately.