What is Toyota? - Most Reliable Car Manufacture


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1. What is Toyota?

Toyota is the world's most reliable car manufacture based in Japan. Toyota's production line includes commercial vehicles. Toyota is the world's market leader in sale for hybrid electric vehicles. Toyota's Prius product lineup is the world's largely sold hybrid vehicle.

Toyota owns luxury car making brand named Lexus and other automobile brands including Hino, Ranz and Daihatsu. Toyota owns a portion of Subaru Corporations and Isuzu.

2. History

Toyota does have a long history in the road from the beginning to day in their road to success. Toyota was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda in 28th August 1937. The initial name of Toyota was named as the last name of the initial founder Sakichi Toyoda which was "Toyoda". The initial company was not manufacturing automobiles to cater the automobile market in the world and Japan. The initial business which Mr. Toyoda started was to manufacture Looms to the global and local markets.

Mr. Sakichi Toyoda's son Kiichiro Toyoda wanted to start manufacturing automobiles and the initial production line started as a division of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works. Toyota built their first automobiles as A1 which was a passenger car and the G1 tuck in 1935. Kiichiro Toyoda made the initial steps to make the automobile company as a separate entity which made The Toyota Motor Company in 28th August 1937.

The initial passenger car was carried a price tag of 3,500 yen and the car was 400 yen cheaper than he Ford's and GM cars at the time. Toyota slowly but stably garbed the global market share in the luxury and reliable automobile industry.

Toyota Motor Corporation is currently traded publicly on Tokyo Stock Exchange , London Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange. Toyota Motor Corporation is currently headquartered in Toyota City, Aichi, Japan.