What is Suzuki? - Japanese Bike And Automobile Manufacture


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1. What is Suzuki?

Suzuki is Japanese automobile manufacture which manufactures cars, four wheel drive vehicles, motorcycles, all terrain vehicles, marine engines, engines for automobile vehicles. Suzuki is popular for the small internal combustion engines which are energy efficient.

As of 2016, Suzuki was the eleventh biggest automaker by production globally and by the sales volume globally, Suzuki is the world's tenth largest. Suzuki's motor bikes are popular among the global markets and riders globally.

2. History

Suzuki was founded by Osamu Suzuki 1909. In the initial stage the business was started to manufacture weaving looms for Japanese silk industry with the name of Suzuki Loom Works. Suzuki devoted his life for 30 years to develop and manufacture loom weaving machines to the local businesses.

After seeing the demand in the local market for a small car, Suzuki started the project to build a small car which in 1937. With the start of world war 2, production of Suzuki's production car was on halt as Japanese government declare as a passenger car is not an essential commodity. And Mr. Suzuki was back to focus with the loom industry until the Japanese loom industry collapsed in 1951.

Suzuki understood the requirement of the Japanese people and introduced  36cc two stroke engine powered motorcycle. With the success story by developing motorcycles, Suzuki grew the business by introducing multiple range of automobiles which are passenger cars, jeeps and wide range of motorcycles.

Currently Suzuki is traded publicly on Tokyo Stock Exchange and currently headquartered in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan.