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1. What is Subaru?

Subaru is Japanese automaker which does manufacture premium sports type cars, SUVs and wagon type vehicles in major. Subaru is popular among the automobile community for it's boxer engine which gives unique features to the performance into the vehicle's features and functionalities.

Subaru's primary market is North American region and it was the major focused of the company from the start of the company also. Subaru does have a really good market share in the JDM market sector in the automobile industry in North American regions.

2. History

Subaru was founded by Kenji Kita in 15th July 1953. Subaru started as a project under the Fuji Heavy Industries under the Kenji Kita's guidance as the CEO of the Fuji Heavy Industries. Under the Japanese Prime Minister Eisaku Sato's ordering to merge with automobile companies to improve the competitiveness in the industry, Subaru joined with Nissan and manufactured multiple products.

Subaru introduced multiple vehicles which are jointly made and which are solely owned by Subaru. Toyota owns 16.5% of Subaru as of July 2008 and has developed multiple vehicles under the joint partnership.