What is Singapore Airlines? - Explained


Singapore Airlines Logo

1. What is Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines is the world's best airliner and the Asia's best airliner as of 2018. Singapore Airlines service is outstanding on all the times and many people loves to fly with Singapore Airlines at some point of time in their life.

Singapore Airlines serves Asia in mostly and does fly to far distance from the home hub which is Changi, Singapore to Australia, Russia and many more destinations in the world. Singapore operates their region operations via the regional Airliner brand which was named as SilkAir which flies to more regional destinations in the world and mostly in the Asian region.

Singapore Airlines operates as a member of Star Alliance Program which provides benefits to the passengers to experience multi range benefits.

2. History

Initially Singapore Airlines started operations with the incorporation with Malayan Airways on 1st of May 1947. Initially Singapore Airlines had only regular flights between Kuala Lampur and Singapore and with the time it grew to the global level where the airline is profitable enough to head the business.

Currently 56% of Singapore Airlines is owned by Temasek Holdings which is a state owned organization.