What is Rolls Royce?- Super Luxury Automaker & Engine Manufacture


Rolls Royce Logo

1. What is Rolls Royce?

Rolls Royce is one of the world's prestige brands which manufacture super luxury automobiles which are filled with luxury on all aspects. Rolls Royce vehicles are hand made from the tiniest part to the assembling the vehicles.

Rolls Royce does manufacture sedans, SUVs in the automobile category. Rolls Royce does manufacture power trains for marine and other large application and airplane turbine engines for commercial use. Apart from the luxury sedans and commercial usable engines, Rolls Royce does manufacture military and defense equipment.

2. History

Rolls Royce was founded by Charles Rolls and Henry Royce in 1904. In the initial stage, Henry Royce started the electrical and mechanical business by manufacturing two cylinder Royce 10 in the Manchester factory in 1904. After meeting Charles Royce in 4th of May 1904, Rolls requested to manufacture three cylinder and four cylinder cars.

The car which was manufactured with the request of Royce were marked as the Rolls Royce and the badge was renamed to mark Rolls Royce. After manufacturing and getting successful on the business with the Royce, Charles Rolls and Charles Royce made the business to the incorporate level. After the real partnership Rolls Royce products got much extreme and luxury in features and designs.

In 1907 Rolls Royce entered into the Aero Engine manufacturing and expanded into other products what the company manufactures currently. Rolls Royce's automobile brand is currently own by BMW and other businesses are operates as divisions of the Rolls Royce.