What is Opel? - European Automaker


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1. What is Opel?

Opel is an European Automaker which does manufacture automobiles. Opel's product line is widely sold in Europe including, Germany, France. Opel does manufacture SUV, Sedans, Coupes, Vans, Pickup trucks.

Opel also into the business of manufacturing fully electrified vehicles apart from the vehicles which are fully powered by the internal combustion engines. Opel does sell automobiles globally for different market segments.

2. History

Opel was founded by Adam Opel in 21st January 1862. In the initial stage of the company Opel manufactured Sewing Machines. By being the sewing machine business, Opel started manufacturing high wheel bicycles. High wheel bicycles were off the records of the manufacturing in the Opel's business. Opel was the leader in the Europe in the manufacturing business of sewing machines and high wheel bicycles till Adam passes away in 1895.

After the death of Adam, Adam's wife and the two elder sons started taking care of the business and made Opel to enter into the Automobile manufacturing business with a partnership signed with a French automobile manufacture, which was Automobiles Darracq France to manufacture automobile under the Opel Darracq brand name using Darracq chassis.

During the world war 2, Opel has manufactured defense and military vehicle to transport armed forces and equipment for the military forces. After the end with the world war 2, Opel started to be back on manufacturing vehicles for the passenger use. Opel currently operates under the Peugeot and currently headquartered in Hesse, Germany.