What is Mitsubishi Motors? - Old Japanese Automaker


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1. What is Mitsubishi Motors?

Mitsubishi Motors is a division of the Mitsubishi which manufactures automobiles for different market segmentation. Mitsubishi manufactures Trucks, Lorries, SUVs, Pickup Trucks and cars in majorly.

Mitsubishi was extremely popular among the European and American continents for the off road rally car which was named as the Mitsubishi Evolution series.

2. History

Mitsubishi was founded by Yatari Iwasaki in 1870 as a shipping firm. After the need to become diversify the business, Mitsubishi Motors were founded by the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in 22nd April 1970. The initial product of the Mitsubishi Motors was the hand built seven seat sedan.

Mitsubishi Motors is got popular for the vehicle line up of the heavy use and for off road rugged use of the vehicle lineup. Mitsubishi expanded global sales for the vehicle lineup with a limited time frame.

Mitsubishi Motors is currently traded on Tokyo Stock Exchange and currently headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.