What is Mercedes Benz? - German Automobile Manufacture


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1. What is Mercedes Benz?

Mercedes Benz is a luxury automobile manufacturing brand own by Daimler AG. Mercedes Benz is popular in the all the places on the earth for the luxury and safety features that comes together as a product which in bundle.

Mercedes Benz manufactures luxury SUVs, Sedans, Coupes, Vans and Pick up trucks in major. Mercedes Benz has manufactured buses and semi trucks to cater the transportation industry and many continents has adopted the vehicles of Mercedes Benz for the rugged features and durability.

The performance automobile division of the Mercedes Benz was named as the Mercedes AMG and operates as a separate division of Daimler AG. Apart from the Fully assembled automobiles, Mercedes Benz also manufacture internal combustion engines to be used on other types of the applications for different industries.

2. History

Mercedes Benz products are engineered with the German technology from the world's first motor car manufacture Karl Benz who patented his product. With the formation of Daimler AG both the companies adopted the brand name Mercedes Benz to name their product line.

Though the Mercedes Benz is popular for the luxury vehicles, in the world war period Mercedes has manufactures military tanks and other military and defense equipment.