What is Mercedes AMG? - Performance Automobile Brand of Mercedes


Mercedes AMG Logo

1. What is Mercedes AMG?

Mercedes AMG is the performance automobile brand of the Mercedes Benz. AMG manufacture high performance coupes, sedans under the Mercedes brand name in major. Mercedes AMG vehicles does has better handling and high level performance and less weight.

Mercedes AMG vehicles are sold in many countries in the world including north american and Europe and rest of the world. AMG is mostly bought by the enthusiastic crowd in the world who wants sport features blended with luxury comfortability.

2. History

Mercedes AMG was founded after signing exchange for voting shares with Chrysler on Daimler AG. Chrysler wanted to separate the performance automaker market different from the typical automaker and Chrysler made AMG as Mercedes AMG which was a separate entity inside the organization.

Mercedes AMG is currently headquartered in Affalterbach, Germany. Operates currently as a division of Daimler AG which is dedicated luxury sports automobile manufacture.