What is McLaren? - Super Luxury Automaker


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1. What is McLaren?

McLaren is one of the super luxury automaker which makes super fast cars which are track ready at any time. Most of the McLaren cars which McLaren manufactures were made for the track use to compete in the global championships.

McLaren products are sold globally in many countries including North American, Europe, Middle East, Hong Kong and China in major.

2. History

McLaren started as a track team which builds cars to participate for track events and global championships. McLaren was founded by Bruce McLaren in 1963. After winning championships in different global competitions, McLaren started prototyping a street legal car and before completing the prototype Bruce McLaren was passed away with an accident in 1970.

After the death of Bruce McLaren, the company merged with Ron Dennis and made the way forward to manufacture automobiles which are exclusive for the global market.