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1. What is Marshall?

Marshall is an company which is focused developing music amplification equipment, speaker cabinets, personal headphones and earphones. Marshall brand is extremely popular for the guitar amplifier product line among the guitarists and sound engineers.

Marshall products are used in the large music events, music training programs and etc...  Further to the music amplifiers, Marshall does own Natal Drums which is a drum and bongo brand name.

2. History

Marshall was founded by Jim Marshall in 1962 in London, England. The founder of Marshall was a successful drummer and a teacher who teaches drum techniques. Marshall initial started business by opening a small shop in Hanwell, London which sold drums and drum accessories. Jim himself provided drum lessons for the customers who bought drums from himself.

Jim enters into developing music amplifier products as per the request and for a requirement of three main guitarists in England. With the requests and motivation to develop something affordable to use, Jim hired designers and developers to design and develop Guitar Amplifiers. After successfully developing the guitar amplifiers, Jim sold first 23 Marshal Amplifiers to the three guitarists who motivated Jim to develop guitar amplifiers.

Marshall brand is currently headquartered in Bletchley, Milton Keynes, England and operates as a Public Limited Company. Marshall brand serves majorly in UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, USA.