What is Lexus? - Luxury Car Making Brand of Toyota

Lexus Logo

1. What is Lexus?

Lexus is an automobile brand that own by Toyota. Lexus does manufacture premium automobiles which are rich and comfortable comparing with the normal Toyota vehicles which are made to be cost efficient.

Toyota does manufacture SUVs, Sedans, Coupes under the Lexus brand name and sells across the globe for the market segmentation which seeks luxury and premium quality products which are rich in luxury features and comfortability more.

2. History

Lexus brand was founded in 1st of September 1989 by Eiji Toyoda. The Lexus brand name came across Toyota after the chairman by the time, Mr. Eiji Toyoda released a challenge to build the best car in the world. After the challenge Toyota made Lexus LS 400 under the premium category automobile that manufactured by Toyota.

Japan government supported the Toyota to export the vehicles to American regions with the partnerships that Japan had right after the world war. With the support from the Government and with a great product which is premium luxury, Toyota introduced series of vehicles which uncompromising the luxury of the Lexus brand.

Toyota started selling Lexus branded Premium automobile all around the world and currently operating as a division of Toyota to manufacture, research and develop premium automobile vehicles.