What is Land Rover? - European Automaker


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1. What is Land Rover?

Land Rover is a European automaker which does manufacture automobiles with luxury touchings to the product. Land Rover manufacture SUV type vehicles to suite the luxury and premium market in the global automobile demand.

Land Rover does make fully internal combustion engines and partially electrified vehicles to extend the performance and to extend the eco friendliness of automobiles. Land Rover vehicles are sold in wide range of countries in the world.

2. History

Land Rover was founded by Maurice Wilks in 1947 and used the simple name as Land Rover from the beginning of the company. Land Rover was influenced by the Jeep brand which is from USA. Land Rover was later absorbed into British Leyland Motor Corporation England.

Land Rover is currently operates as a division of Tata Motors and headquartered in England.