What is Lamborghini? - Super Luxury Automaker


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1. What is Lamborghini?

Lamborghini is the world's most famous fast super car brand which gets manufactured in a village of Italy. Lamborghini does manufacture street legal automobiles which can perform better and faster. Lamborghini does manufacture sports cars in major and with very few models of SUVs.

Lamborghini is popular for the v12 cylinder engine in the rear of the car and which comes with rear wheel drive with many models that Lamborghini manufactures. Lamborghini vehicles are sold in wide range of countries majorly including USA, Europe, Middle East and China.

2. History

Lamborghini was founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1963. In the initial stage of the company Ferruccio had no intention to start a automobile business but after the end of the world war and serving the military forces as an engineer, Ferruccio wanted be back in the family business of farming. Since the farming requires tractors, Ferruccio started designing, developing and manufacturing tractors for Italian farmers.

After going good in the tractor business and farming, Ferruccio bought a Ferrari and found the problems of the Ferrari, Ferruccio wanted to manufacture better automobiles which can perform better in the roads and with similar engine displacement like Ferrari. Ferruccio manufactured multiple models and sold in the global markets. With the oil crisis and the financial crisis, the company was sold to many corporations and finally ended up with Volkswagen which is a German Automobile group.