What is Kia? - South Korean Automaker


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1. What is Kia?

Kia is a South Korean automobile manufacture which manufacture and develop automobiles. Kia does manufacture sedan cars, SUVs, mini vans in majorly. Kia sells their vehicles in wide range of countries in north american region and Europe.

Kia products are adopted by the consumers due to the features and design of the vehicles.

2. History

Kia was founded in December 1944 as a manufacturing company. In the initial stage of the company it was named as Kyungsung Precision Industry and the company was manufacturing steel tubing and bicycle parts. Eventually Kia introduced the South Korean made bicycle.

Kia had many partnerships and licensing with multiple organizations in the world including Honda to make motorcycles and Ford Motor Company to make trucks and etc... And at the same time Kia had partnerships to sell Kia manufactured vehicles in other automobile selling countries via strategic partnerships.

Kia's 33.88% of the shares are owned by the Hyundai Motors and Kia is currently headquartered in Seoul, South Korea and currently traded on Korean Stock Exchange.