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1. What is Kawasaki?

Kawasaki is a Japanese heavy machine and automobile manufacturing company. Kawasaki was into the aerospace business in the world war period and shipbuilding industry as an heavy industry company in Japan.

Kawasaki is popular among the automobile industry for the faster and better performance motorcycles and as well as ATV also known as All Terrain Vehicles and Jet Skies. Kawasaki motorcycles are ridden in almost all the countries and in global championships.

2. History

Kawasaki was founded in 15th October 1896 by Shozo Kawasaki. In the initial stage of the company it was a heavy industry manufacturing firm. By being in the heavy industry by manufacturing heavy equipment, Kawasaki expanded business to several other industries which includes aerospace, and engine manufacturing and other heavy equipment manufacturing.

Under the division of manufacturing motorcycle and engine of Kawasaki, Kawasaki manufactures ATVs also known as All Terrain Vehicles, Motorcycles, utility vehicles and watercraft sport vehicles like jet skies and gasoline internal combustion engines to use in manufacturing applications of automobiles and as well as.

Kawasaki is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and currently traded publicly on Tokyo Stock Exchange.