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1. What is JBL?

JBL is an Audio product brand which develop wide range of consumer and professional audio products. JBL offers wide range of product line which could facilitate all the audio requirement which requires quality sound output.

JBL offers personal use products which can be accessed by wired and wireless medium. Apart from the consumer products, JBL offers professional audio products including car audio and audio products for events and for marine applications.

2. History

JBL was founded by James Bullough Lansing and Ken Decker in 1st of March 1927. The initial name of the company was Lansing Manufacturing Company. In the initial stages of the Lansing Manufacturing Company, they developed loudspeaker products with higher quality and great sound quality.

James Bullough Lansing's business partner, Ken Decker died in 1939 by an airplane crash and company soon got into financial troubles without Decker's guidance to make way forward in the business. In 1941, Lansing Manufacturing Company was bought by Altec Service Corporation and Lansing Manufacturing Company name got changed to Altec Lansing and James Lansing had a contract with Lansing Manufacturing company to be with Altec Lansing till 1946.

After the end of the contract in 1946, James Bullough Lansing left Altec Lansing and founded his own business again as Lansing Sound Inc. The name of Lansing Sound Inc later got changed to James's full name which was James Bullough Lansing Sound and later shortened to JBL.

In 1969 acquired by Jervis Corporation which was a company headed and managed by Sidney Harman who was the founder of the Harman International and Harman Kardon.