What is Infiniti? - Luxury Automobile Brand of Nissan


Infiniti Logo

1. What is Infiniti?

Infiniti is a luxury automaker brand of Nissan which is one of the leading automobile manufacture based in Japan. Nissan manufacture wire range premium and luxury class vehicles under the Infiniti brand name which is targeted on the Europe and North American market.

Inifiniti brand does manufacture SUVs, Coupes, Sedans in major. Most of the products which are in the product line up is using fully internal combustion engine power or hybrid or partially electrified technology to power up the vehicles. Nissan is planning to make the Infiniti brand which manufacture only fully electrified vehicles and partially electrified vehicles by 2021.

Infiniti vehicles are unique with the technology from Nissan. Automobile community like the infiniti designs and unique technology in the product which is bundled to be luxury.

2. History

Infiniti brand was founded in 8th November 1989 by Nissan and firstly introduced in United States of America by targeting the premium automobile segmentation. In the early stages, Infiniti was manufacturing primarily cars and later moved into crossovers and SUV type vehicles.

Infiniti vehicles are powered using internal combustion engines in the early days and Nissan adopted hybrid technology to boost the performance and meet the emission standards in the Infiniti brand. Infiniti is headquartered in Hopewell Centre, an Chai, Hong Kong.