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1. What is Ford?

Ford is an American automobile manufacture. Ford is manufacturing SUVs, Cars, Pickup Trucks, EVs, luxury vehicles, buses and etc. Ford sells luxury vehicles under the Lincoln brand name and also owns 8% stake in Aston Martin.

Ford's vehicles are sold all around the world because Ford's vehicles are rugged to use, durable and rich in technological advancements and mechanical advancements. Ford is the fifth largest automaker in the world as of 2015 based in US.

2. History

Ford was founded by Henry Ford in 16th June 1903. The initial name of the company was named as Henry Ford Company. As internal matters rise up, The company name got changed to Cadillac Motor Company in 22nd August 1902 and Henry Ford left the Cadillac Motor Company with the rights to his brand name which he given to the company.

Henry restarted the business by forming a company from 12 investors in 1903 and the name of the company was much same as early, The Ford Motor Company. The total investment value was US$28,000. With the majority shareholders Mr. Henry Ford was not the president of the company but a banker named John S. Gray was the president of The Ford Motor Company.

Mr. Ford's car manufacturing company was not making much of cars a day and the cars which were manufactured from the company was only a few. Mr. Ford wanted to change the production where there were couple of workers who was working to assemble a car to production line which is extended vertically too.

Ford targeted the middle class people to own a car by introducing many models at different price points per car. The Ford Motor Company was family controlled business for over 100 years till the company went public on the New York Stock Exchange.

Ford has acquired multiple automobile manufacturing companies in the last years of business operations and does have joint ventures in almost all the continents.