What is Fiat? - European Automaker


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1. What is Fiat?

Fiat is an Italian automobile manufacture which manufacture. The name Fiat stands for Fabrica Italiana di Auomobili Toino. Fiat manufactures cars, Pickup trucks, Vans and SUVs in major. Fiat vehicles are sold in Europe and globally in other countries and Fiat does have manufacturing facilities and assembling facilities around the world.

Fiat is the market leader in Brazil and Fiat does have the largest factory and assembly facility which is outside the Italy. Fiat is ranked as the lowest CO2 emission automobile manufacture by the vehicles sold in Europe.

2. History

Fiat is founded in 11th July 1899 by Giovani Anelli. Fiat opened first opened first manufacturing plant in 1900. After by being in the industry Fiat went public on Milan Stock Exchange. When the world war started Fiat started manufacturing military equipment to their allies with all possible ways including engines, trucks, machine guns, aircraft and etc...

With the end of the world war, Fiat started manufacturing tractors for the local needs apart from the automobiles. Fiat was growing after the world war with the global sales. Fiat is currently operates as a division of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles also known as FCA. Fiat is currently headquartered in Turin, Piedmont, Italy.