What is Ferrari? - Super Luxury Automaker


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1. What is Ferrari?

Ferrari was the only type of the super car which was fast and that everybody knew about back in the day before Lamborghini or McLaren and any other super cars were founded. Ferrari was the most influencing super car brand back in the time for many super cars which are manufactured currently.

Ferrari does only manufacture cars which are rich in performance and made for the wealthiest personals all around the world. Ferrari brand is one of the most luxurious brands in the world and one of the most popular brands in the automobile and side service providing organizations in the world.

Ferrari cars are sold in many locations in the world including USA, Europe, Middle East, Hong Kong and China. Ferrari cars does carry high performance which are made for the track all the time and which are marked under the luxury category.

2. History

Ferrari was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 13th September 1939. After the world war Ferrari launched their first car with a v12 cylinder engine and started the way into the super car industry. Ferrari is currently traded publicly on New York Stock Exchange, Milan Stock Exchange. Ferrari is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Maranello, Emilia Romagana, Italy.