What is Ducati? - European Motorcycle Manufacture


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1. What is Ducati?

Ducati is one of the most popular motorcycle manufacturing company in the world. Ducati manufactures high performance motorcycles to the global markets including American, Europe and etc... Ducati Motorcycles are usually powered with the high performance engines which does have high horsepower in the build.

Ducati motorcycles are popular among the track championships across the globe and Ducati compete with brands including Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha in the global markets and track championships.

2. History

Ducati was founded by Antonio Cavalieri Ducati, Adriano Cavalieri Ducati, Bruno Cavalieri Ducati and Marcello Cavalieri Ducati in 1926. Initially the company was manufacturing electronic components including the vacuum tubes, condensers and other radio components and the business became successful even in the world war period.

Enemy troupes were knew about the Ducati factory and was a target of the air strikes all the times. With the end of the world war, Ducati started manufacturing motorcycles to cater the demand of the single transportation mediums in the country. Due to the quality of the Ducati motorcycles, Ducati was extremely selling in the global and local markets.

Ducati is currently operates as a brand which owns by the Volkswagen under the Lamborghini. Ducati is currently headquartered in Bologna, Italy.