What is Cadillac? - American Luxury Automaker


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1. What is Cadillac?

Cadillac is a luxury automobile manufacture based in USA and sells automobiles many countries in the world. Cadillac vehicles are very well known for the quality and the perfection of the product itself.

Cadillac manufacture SUVs, Sedans and Coupes in major and all the automobiles are categorized under the premium and luxury category. All the Cadillac vehicles does have larger capacity engines inside the engine bay to power up the luxury experience of the owners who buy Cadillac vehicle.

2. History

Cadillac does have a long history as same as the Ford. After Henry Ford left the earlier company due to a disagreement between the investors, the company and the infrastructure was just at the premises without any attention. Investors requested an engineer to evaluate the valuation of the infrastructure named Henry M. Leland of the Leland & Faulconer Manufacturing company to liquidate. After evaluating the assets, Leland persuaded the investors to restart the manufacturing facility by using the Leland single cylinder internal combustion engines. And the company started back with the merger of Leland & Faulconer Manufacturing Company under the new brand name which is Cadillac.

Cadillac was a premium automobile manufacture from the beginning of the company itself. The automobiles were in the finest quality and very well finished. Cadillac was acquired by General Motors in 1909 as the prestige division of General Motors.