What is BMW? - European Automobile Manufacture


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1. What is BMW?

BMW is one of the automobile manufacturing company based in Europe. BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works in English and Bayerische Motoren Werke in German language. BMW is primarily focused on developing automobiles to meet the comfortably with high tech advancements into the build.

BMW product line includes sedan cars, SUVs, Sport Cars and coupe cars which does have internal combustion engines, hybrid and full electric vehicles to perform better and greater in roads. BMW vehicles are sold in almost all the countries in the world to cater the market demand from the customers who are used to love BMW as a premier automobile company and for features.

2. History

BMW was founded by Karl Rapp in 7th March 1916. The initial stages of the BMW is traces back to three companies Rapp Motorenwerke, Bayerische Flugzeugwerke and Automobilewerk Eisenach. The initial company name of BMW was initially Rapp Motorenwerke which was an aircraft engine manufacturer. After the world war 1 and with the lowered demand for aircraft engines Karl Rapp deviated the business into motorcycle in 1923 with R32 model of BMW motorcycle.

With the start of the World War 2, BMW re expanded the air craft engine manufacturing and made the best sold air craft engine which could fly at a top speed of 800km/h. After the war ends BMW manufacturing factory facility was heavily damaged by the bombing and military actions. BMW production of motorcycles were banned in the war period as the east German facility was seized by Soviet Union. With the ban lifting after the world war 2 BMW re-granted permission to manufacture motorcycles.

After the getting hard time with the world war BMW almost gone bankrupt due to low sales and out dated products what BMW manufactured. BMW planned to get additional capital injection by selling BMW shares to Quandt Group led by Herber and Harald Quandt and the capital injection very well. BMW designed new product lineup and started regaining the market share in the industry. 

Apart from the BMW brand, BMW does own Mini and Rolls Royce brands. BMW is publicly traded Frankfurt Stock Exchange and currently headquartered in Munich, Germany.