What is Audio Technica? - Japanese Audio Product Brand


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1. What is Audio Technica?

Audio Technica is a Japanese audio product designing, developing and manufacturing company majorly focused on the music industry. Audio Technica manufactures audio products including headphones, speakers and microphones and various other audio products.

Audio Technica serves globally by covering almost all the continents with their product line which are in high quality.

2. History

Audio Technica was founded by Hideo Matsushita in 1962. Initial Audio Technica was based in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The initial product which was developed by Audio Technica was AT-1 and AT-3 MM stereo phono cartridges and with the growth of the business, Audio Technica found their way to expand the business to other industries also.

Audio Technica has won several awards for their quality audio products globally including Olympic events and etc...