What Are Wagon Cars? - Explained


1. What Are Wagon Cars?

Wagon cars are usually called as Station Wagons. Wagon cars are extended versions of the hatchbacks. The Station Wagons or the Wagon cars are usually developed with the concept of two box concept where the car is divided into two boxes with engine bay compartment and the cabin compartment.

The design of the station wagons or the wagon cars are designed to offer larger cargo space into the rear than the sedan or the coupe cars. Wagon cars are usually offer better leg space to front and rear passengers than sedan cars or coupe cars.

Wagons are usually used by people to take on a trip or to use as a touring transport medium mostly. Due to the spacious features which are embedded into the car, wagons are much popular in the families in North American and Europe mostly.

Wagon or Station wagon cars are usually manufactured by many automakers in the world including Toyota, Mazda, Nissan and many other automakers.