What are Buses? - Explained


1. What are Buses?

Buses are made for street use to transport passengers primarily. Almost all the countries do use buses as a transport medium to facilitate public and private transportation for large groups of people.

Buses are usually powered by an internal combustion engine and in some countries in the world, buses are electrically powered using over head wiring and cabling. There are few bus designs which runs on battery power also.

Buses were existed in the world from a long time and and they got revolutionized from time to time from the beginning, but the functionality didn't changed much. There are buses which are in the luxury category which takes passengers on long distance and there are buses which takes passengers for a shorter distance in city surrounding areas.

Buses are usually comes in single deck but there are buses which has been manufactured to carry double decks with more passengers. Buses are manufactured by Toyota, Mitsubishi, Volvo and other automakers in the world.