What Are SUVs? - Explained


1. What Are SUV?

SUVs stands for Sports Utility Vehicles. SUVs are initially was influenced by the ,U.Jeep after Jeep manufactured general purpose vehicles. SUVs does have features like, clearance more or same as a pickup truck. And in the early days most of the SUVs were manufactured using the pickup truck and light truck chassis and the early SUVs were not comfortable to use.

By the time, the wagon type cars in the market and people who wanted space with comfortably as a car, went with the wagon type cars. But SUVs were extremely popular for the off road driving and the 4x4 capabilities.

After the growing market demand, SUVs were started getting comfortable and started getting rich in features like dual AC to cool up the huge cabin space and etc... SUVs are initially manufactured by the Jeep brand name currently almost all the automobile manufactures like Toyota, Nissan, Honda, General Motors, to most luxury automakers including Lamborghini and Audi does manufactures SUVs to the global markets.