What is VULTR? - Cloud Computing and VPS Service Provider


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1. What is VULTR?

VULTR is a cloud computing, VPS, dedicated server and network infrastructure, provider. VULTR does have there own databases in several regions the world to serve their clients and users who were demanding there products and services to due to high quality of service.

VULTR's products are used by startups, small businesses, tech companies, government organizations and individuals who wants to seek a solid solution at a lowest possible pricing in the market and highest possible service and quality product.

2. History

VULTR was founded and launched in February 2014 to empower the global cloud computing infrastructure to enable faster deployment with less maintenance for the end product owner. Since the launch of platform in 2014, VULR has started operating on 16 datacenters in the heart of most demanding geographical locations.

Currently VULR have 50+ engineers and developers and 20 million+ instances deployed and more than 100,000 customers.