What is TeamViewer? - Computer Remote Control Software


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1. What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is a software application developed for remotely control the computers, desktop sharing, online meeting, web conferencing and file transferring between computers.

TeamViewer is a extremely popular product because it's available on almost all the computing platforms and mobile platforms.

TeamViewer is used by corporate enterprises, individuals, small and medium sized businesses to make it easy to troubleshoot errors in computer systems and software applications remotely without being physically there. 

TeamViewer is not a free to product but TeamViewer does offer a free to use trial period where users can experience the product by using it on the limited basis.

2. History

TeamViewer was founded by a German company named TeamViewer GmbH in 2005. The company was founded in Goppingen, Germany. After acquiring customers strategicly by the years after the initial launch, TeamViewer expanded businesses to localize level in USA and Australia by opening up local representative offices.