What is Samsung Pay? - Explained

Samsung Pay Logo

1. What is Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is a mobile payment and a digital wallet product developed by Samsung. By using the Samsung Pay, users can make payments contactless payments using NFC and secured magnetic transmission for the POS machines which are only do have the capability to read magnetic stripe.

Users can store the card details and multiple cards and do have the possibility to make payments selected cards by the user.

2. History

Samsung Pay was launched by Samsung in South Korea in 20th August 2015 and Samsung launched Samsung Pay in USA in 28th September 2015.

3. Supported Countries

Samsung Pay is supported in multiple countries in different regions in the world.

Supported CountryDate
South Korea20th August 2015
United States of America28th September 2015
China29th March 2016
Spain2nd June 2016
Australia15th June 2016
Singapore16th June 2016
Puero Rico13th June 2016
Brazil19th July 2016
Russia28th September 2016
Canada8th November 2016
Thailand8th February 2017
Malaysia24th February 2017
India22nd March 2017
Sweden27th April 2017
United Arab Emirates27th April 2017
United Kingdom16th May 2017
Switzerland23rd May 2017
Taiwan23rd May 2017
Hong Kong25th May 2017
Vietnam28th September 2017
Belarus15th November 2017
Mexico30th January 2018
Italy22nd March 2018
France26th April 2018
South Africa21st August 2018