What is Pickme? - Sri Lankan Uber Like Company


Pickme Logo

1. What is Pickme?

Pickme is a Uber like company based in Sri Lanka. Pickme offers ride hailing, private car hailing like Uber. Except for Uber, Pickme offers light weight truck to pickup the load and drop it on another location and food delivery service also.

Pickme serves their users and drivers by Android and iOS apps. Pickme is the Sri Lanka's largest travel providing and ride hailing company to the date.

2. History

Pickme is founded by Jiffry Zulfer and his friends in March 2015. To take Pickme to live, Zulfer has obtained seed funding from Ajit Gunerardene. Pickme brand name is owned by the Digital Mobility Solutions (Pvt) Ltd which is headquartered in Colombo.