What is Outlook? - Email and Information Management Platform by Microsoft


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1. What is Outlook?

Outlook is a email service and a information management platform developed and own by Microsoft Inc. Outlook is used by majorly two types of users, Individuals who wants an general email account on Outlook and corporate users who wants connect to the office email servers and check emails and etc...

Outlook is a product of Microsoft which does have two major front ends which are the app and the web site which users can login.

3. Versions

There are multiple versions of Microsoft Outlook got released focusing on different operating systems and platforms.

Version NameVersion CodeReleased Date
Outlook for MS-DOSN/A1992
Outlook for Windows 3.1N/A1992
Outlook for Mac OSN/AN/A
Outlook 978.0 016th January 1997
Outlook 988.5 021st June 1998
Outlook 20009.0 027th June 1999
Outlook 200210.0 031st May 2001
Outlook 200311.0 020th November 2003
Outlook 200712.0 027th January 2007
Outlook 201014.0 015th July 2010
Outlook 2011 for Mac OS14.0 026th October 2010
Outlook 201315.0 029th January 2013
Outlook for Mac OS15.3 031st October 2014
Outlook for Phones & Tablets1.3 02015
Outlook 201616.0 022nd September 2015