What is Opera? - Popular Web Browser


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1. What is Opera?

Opera is a popular web browser which are mostly used in the mobile operating systems. Opera is a product which built based on the Chromium browser which is the same product which Google developed and made it open sourced.

Opera browsers are user friendly and they can be accessed on Windows Operating system platforms, Mac OS operating system platforms and Linux operating system platforms. In addition to the desktop operating systems, Opera's primary focus is in the mobile and hand held devices.

Opera does have three major versions for mobile and hand held devices and they are Opera Mobile, Opera Touch and Opera Mini.

2. History

Opera was a project which was initiated by Telenor which was the largest Norwegian telco company in 1994 as a research project. With the time and with all the effort put into the web browser Opera got up a level as a product itself.

Opera got enhanced with various types of security features and technology advancements. After working to move the project to the open sourced Chromium project by Google, Opera got released with a version which was based on top of the Chromium. Telenor sold the Opera to a Chinese consortium on November 2016 and till to the date on 5th of February 2019, Opera is operated, developed by the Chinese consortium.