What is NotePad++? - Open Source Text Editor


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1. What is Notepad++?

Notepad++ is a text editing, code editing software application which is free to use. Notepad++ is popular among the freelancers and other professionals due to the easy to use features in the app.

Notepad++ does have similar features which are in the Microsoft notepad application which also a text editor and which also an app free to use. Notepadd++ is much more user friendly and developer friendly to use because of the features and editing and viewing capabilities which are specific for a type of a programming language or to a file format. 

2. History

Notepad++ was initially released on 24th November 2003 and it was developed by a developer named Don Ho. The idea to develop a better text editor ignited inside Don because he was so much frustrated on JEXT which was Java based text editor due to poor performance and etc...

Don wrote Notepad++ by using C++ and Notepad++ is only supports primarily for Windows based operating systems. Don released Notepad++ as an open source software application which made it free to use by any body in the world.