What is MWC or Mobile World Congress? - Explained

Mobile World Congress

1. What is MWC?

MWC stands for Mobile World Congress. Mobile World Congress is an exhibition event hosted by GSMA. Mobile World Congress is the world's largest exhibition for mobile and cellular industry focused happening in the world where all the technology partners comes to Spain to showcase how they going to conquer the world's telecommunication challenges and real life use cases.

MWC is one of the extremely popular event in the world for enthusiastic individuals and corporate businesses which are into the telecommunication industry.

2. History

Mobile World Congress was initially held in Rome in 1990 with few hundreds of participants. And the MWC was held in different countries after the initial event with different industry focused involved across.

GSMA brought the MWC to the current position where the MWC is a global event where there are many participants across different regions and industrial sectors attends to the event for business and enthusiasm.