What is Mobvoi? - Technology Company Based in China


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1. What is Mobvoi?

Mobvoi is an technology company focused on developing technologically advanced products. Mobvoi is into the business of software product development, software platform development and product development.

Products of Mobvoi includes, Voice Search platform, Tic Watch which is a smart watch works on top of the Android Wear OS and TicPods which is a wireless earbuds.

2. History

Mobvoi was founded in 1st of October 2012 by Zhifei Li and Yuanyuan Li. As the initial product of Mobvoi, they released a Voice Search Service in WeChat in 2013 and Mobvoi developed a AI driven voice search platform named Chumenwenwen.

Mobvoi used the crowd funding platform, Kickstarter to launch their first physical product which was TicWatch. After getting success with the product launch Mobvoi designed and developed TicPods as their second major product. Likewise Mobvoi grew the business as a startup to be a stable business in the industry.