What is Microsoft PowerPoint? - Explained


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1. What is Microsoft PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation creating software application. By using PowerPoint users can create animated presentations to present. Microsoft PowerPoint is used by many sectors in the world including schools, collages, defense organizations, business sectors and etc...

Microsoft PowerPoint is easy to use and easy to create content and easy to animate by selecting on specific item or layers in the PowerPoint. Due to the easy to use features, Microsoft PowerPoint is so popular among the users.

2. History

PowerPoint is not a product which designed and developed by Microsoft initially. It was developed by an organization named Forethought Inc by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin. PowerPoint was initially released on 20th April 1987.

Three months after the initial launch of PowerPoint, Microsoft acquired PowerPoint for US$ 14 million value. PowerPoint was the Microsoft's very first acquisition.

After acquiring the product in whole, Microsoft included it into the Microsoft Office Software application package. Since then Microsoft released many versions of the PowerPoint to use on Mac OS and Microsoft Windows OS as well.

3. Versions

After releasing the initial version of PowerPoint focused on the Mac OS and after the Microsoft acquisition, Microsoft released many versions of PowerPoint focusing many operating systems including mobile operating systems also.

Version CodeVersion NameYear of ReleaseSupported OS
1.0PowerPointApril 1987Mac OS
1.01PowerPointOctober 1987Mac OS
2.0PowerPointMay 1988Mac OS
2.01PowerPointDecember 1988Mac OS
2.0PowerPointMay 1990Windows OS
3.0PowerPointMay 1992Windows OS
3.0PowerPointSeptember 1992Mac OS
4.0PowerPointFebruary 1994Windows OS
4.0PowerPointOctober 1994Mac OS
7.0PowerPoint 95July 1995Windows OS
8.0PowerPoint 98January 1997Windows OS
8.0PowerPoint 98May 1998Mac OS
9.0PowerPoint 2000June 1999Windows OS
9.0PowerPoint 2001August 2000Mac OS
10.0PowerPoint XPMay 2001Windows OS
10.0PowerPoint v. XNovember 2001Mac OS
11.0PowerPoint 2003October 2003Windows OS
11.0PowerPoint 2004June 2004Mac OS
11.0PowerPoint MobileMay 2005Windows Mobile 5 OS
12.0PowerPoint 2007January 2007Windows OS
12.0PowerPoint MobileSeptember 2007Windows Mobile 6 OS
12.0PowerPoint 2008January 2008Mac OS
14.0PowerPoint 2010June 2010Windows OS
14.0PowerPoint 2010 Web AppJune 2010Web
14.0PowerPoint Mobile 2010June 2010Windows Phone 7
14.0PowerPoint 2011November 2010Mac OS
14.0PowerPoint Mobile 2010April 2012Symbian OS
15.0PowerPoint Web App 2013October 2012Web
15.0PowerPoint Mobile 2013November 2012Windows Phone 8 OS
15.0PowerPoint RT 2013November 2012Windows RT OS
15.0PowerPoint 2013January 2013Windows OS
15.0PowerPoint Mobile 2013 for iPhoneJune 2013iPhone iOS
15.0PowerPoint Mobile 2013 for AndroidJuly 2013Android OS
15.0PowerPoint 2013 OnlineFebruary 2014Web
15.0PowerPoint 2013 for iPadMarch 2014iPad iOS
15.0PowerPoint Mobile 2013 for iOSNovember 2014iOS
16.0PowerPoint Mobile 2016 for AndroidJune 2015Android OS
16.0PowerPoint 2016 for Mac OSJuly 2015Mac OS
16.0PowerPoint Mobile 2016July 2015Windows 10 Mobile OS
16.0PowerPont Mobile 2016 for iOSJuly 2015iOS
16.0PowerPoint 2016 for WindowsJuly 2015Windows OS
16.0PowerPoint 2016 for Windows StoreJanuary 2018Windows OS