What is Google Chrome? - Web Browser Own by Google


Google Chrome Logo

1. What is Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is a web browser designed and developed by Google. Google's very own browser Google Chrome, is a product which created by using the Google's Chromium project which was started to develop a open source contribution for a faster and lighter web browser with so many features.

Google Chrome is the world's largely used web browser in all operating systems which includes, mobile operating systems and desktop operating systems. Google Chrome is used by normal individuals who wants to gain access to search internet and developers who wants to use the Google Chrome's back end development tools to make the web engineering life more easy for them.

2. History

Google Chrome was initiated by Google CEO by the time named Eric Schmidt who wanted to develop an independent browser for Google Search engine and other product users to make Google products more user friendly and fast enough for the users. Google slowly developed the Chromium project for six years of period and finally released on 2nd September 2008 for the public use.

From the time of it's launch Google Chrome was a successful web browser across all platforms.